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    • On-board diagnostics 2
    • Reliability over the years under old system 1
    • Service before 2015 1
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    • Customer service 6
    • Customer service incomplete disclosure 3
    • Unreliability of new system 3
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On August 16,2016 I reactivated my on-star service in my GMC vehicle for a hunting trip to Ontario, Canada. Customer service assured me during the reactivation process that I would have a satellite connection anywhere in the country of Canada. This was not true..I even payed extra for 300 minutes for calling purposes.... Had a emergency situation arise and was unable to establish a connection.ON STAR said I should have just keep pushing the... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 12
  • #917275

Aleays beem bery helpful in all my needs

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Yesterday I used Onstar for roadside assistance for my Camaro that overheated after an oil change. I waited 6 hours for a tow of the I-5 freeway in 100 degree temperatures. I called to follow up numerous numerous times and given the runaround each time. After speaking to approximately 27 different people...I had to find a tow on my own and pay for it. Definitely a joke consumer service that does not care about your safety! Read more

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  • Jul 20
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I have 2008 hhr .the is a person. Access my on star. To stoke me by using the gps. Which he not cop. That the on star not. On.but the light come on when he follow me the . It can be hacked. Watch out they lie. Because next to my car and i turn my radio as high as go. Pulled ear piced out.he was listening in on me.too.

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I have a 2013 Enclave. I tried to activate onstar in florida in Jan. 2016. It didn't work. I cancelled it and let them know they were no help while I was traveling in florida! In July 2016 in my home state of Indaina I tried to use it again. Once again, no turn by turn directions available! I am a Realtor and when I need help finding an address I need it NOW! I tried for 4 days and a dozen techs with no success! ONSTAR IS ***!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a... Read more

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I bought a new 2016 Chevy Malibu which was to include 3 months of WiFi. When I checked the app on my phone it showed that I had 3 gb. of data good until August 2016. The car was bought the 4th of June 2016. On the 6th of July I was informed by OnStar that the car was out of data. I checked the app on my phone and it showed that only 800mb had been used. So I called OnStar to find out what was going on. I was advised that OnStar does not... Read more

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  • Jul 07
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Onstar trip help is very bad and customer service is just as bad. I am a long time user and I will not renew after the bad treatment I received fro Onstar.

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I am still in the free six months of Onstar service. About two months ago I attempted to call JoAnn and was connected to Tommy. Had these names sounded alike I would have thought I didn't pronounce the name clearly but???? Last week I asked for directions to a business by name and was routed through many turns to a residential area and was told "you are at your destination" and the rep signed off. I then used my phone and got the actual... Read more

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I wanted to try the 3G intro offer to see what kind of usage I would have before settling on a plan. Looked like I was using 1G a month so right when I had completed my 3G plan I purchased 1G for $15. That was on 4/29 at about 3pm. I picked up my kids and we drove home. By the evening of 5/2 I had 10% of that 1G left and I had barely been in my car Fri, Sat, Sun. Mon. I called them Monday evening and their tech support stated that my wifi was... Read more

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Unfortunately I have had a poor experience with OnStar. I provided OnStar with my credit card information when I leased my car. After the free 6 months were up, I cancelled it for financial reasons. I live in the same house as my mom and brother and they each bought a new truck. Well, without my knowledge they were given a free 6 month trial and then my credit card was billed for OnStar for them. They were unaware of this and so was I. OnStar... Read more

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